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13 years old boy with IELTS 7.0 from Speaking

Kamrambek Isoev is 14-year-old student, who is currently studying at Innovative Centre. At the age of 12 he got 5.5 from IELTS and by this courageous action he shocked everybody. Kamrambek came to Innovative Centre when he was 13 years old and during the period of studying he had a number of achievements.

He successfully passed the exam called CAE (Cambridge Advanced English) and almost achieved C1 level in LINGUASKILL test. Kamrambek amazes everyone with his speaking skills, his speech makes everyone think that he is a native American and that was a reason why he got 7 from speaking in IELTS at the age of 13.

This boy differs from his peers and we also have to accept that teenagers at his age do not even know English language. Even with this amount of achievements Kamrambek does not stop going on, he is now preparing for more complex types of exams like SAT and going to surprise the world this time. We are proud of having such students like Kamrambek, students like him build our future.


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