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IELTS Course - Innovative Centre


Welcome to the IELTS Course at Innovative Centre, a significant step in your pursuit of English language proficiency. As a premier language and examination centre, we are privileged to have direct collaborations with prestigious institutions such as the University of Cambridge, the British Council, Oxford University, and MM Publications.

Our IELTS course, like all our courses, is carefully crafted to assure effective and comprehensive learning.Each course usually extends over 2.5 to 3 months, yet we understand that the pace of learning can differ among students. To monitor your progress and ensure you're on the right track, we conduct regular assessments at the end of each month. Your transition to the next stage of your learning journey depends on the results of these evaluations, carried out by our dedicated in-house examination department.

We supply authentic, licensed course materials sourced directly from Cambridge and MM Publications. These specially curated resources are used exclusively at our centre, providing our students with a unique and enriched learning experience.

Our faculty consists of over 40 certified educators. Each one of them holds an IELTS certificate, along with an assortment of other qualifications that certify their language proficiency and teaching skills. While the course content remains consistent, each teacher infuses their unique teaching style into the classroom, ensuring a dynamic and interactive learning atmosphere. The superior quality of our teaching is supervised by our Director, Muhammadhon Soliev, an internationally acclaimed testing examiner with extensive teaching experience.

For an enriching learning journey, we also feature a library filled with over 60,000 books. The library is accessible from morning until evening every day, fostering our students' academic development beyond the conventional classroom.

We remain functional even on Sundays, which is when our practice exams take place. For any inquiries regarding exams, please visit room 407.

Familiarise yourself with our educators by visiting our Staff Page, where you can gather more information about their qualifications, teaching methods, and experience.

Enroll in our B1 English course at Innovative Centre and elevate your English language journey by either visiting us directly at the centre or reaching out to us through Telegram.

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