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Mukhammadkhon Soliev

Mukhammadkhon is an international teacher and teacher trainer and speaking examiner based in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Also, he is a founder and director of the most outstanding Language School in Central Asia – Innovative Centre, authorized Cambridge English Exam Centre. As a teacher trainer, he enjoys working with both new and experienced teachers to develop their skills within challenging contexts to meet local expectation. Mukhammadkhon has extensive experience in teaching students of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. In his current work he has taught Uzbek, Tajik, Russian, Irani, Kazakh, Azeri, Korean, Ukrainian, Kyrgyz, Armenian, Turk, Arabian and American-born Uzbek students.


He is a good manager, as a graduate of Business school he knows how to attract more students, manage them and set goals. Since 2018, he is a member of ELT-consultants – a leading group of language specialists and completed projects in Digital Language Teaching and CLIL in Tunisia, Georgia and South Sudan. Last but not least, Mukhammadkhon is a well-renowned researcher and the author of more than 10 research papers on investment, business and assessment.

What inspires me?

Priority for me and for my teaching is to help students to use language as a tool to open new doors for them. The motto of our class is: We use English, not just learn. Implementing most up-to-date methodology helps us to provide quality and world-class education to students.


  • Assessment Expert and Cambridge English Speaking and Writing Examiner (for all levels) and accredited presenter of Cambridge English in Central Asia.

  • Member of Ohio Academy of Science.

  • Main initiator of Central Asia TEFL.

  • B.A. Hons. Degree in Business Administration University of Northampton, Northampton, United Kingdom.

  • Certificated of Proficiency in English – CPE (C2) and approval to conduct Speaking tests with Cambridge Assessment English, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

  • Certificate of Language Proficiency (C1) and teaching for adults, Regional Language Centre of Foreign Languages.

  • Certificated of Teaching English to Young Learners, Joint program of US Department of State, Language Programs and University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences, American Language Institution, USA.

  • Certificate of Cambridge English Teaching Qualification, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

  • Certificate of Completion English Grammar and Essay Writing BerkeleyX, University of California, Berkeley EDX1, USA.

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