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A2 English Course - Innovative Centre


Welcome to the A2 English Course at Innovative Centre, your next step in mastering the English language. As an international language and testing centre, we work directly with esteemed institutions like the University of Cambridge, the British Council, Oxford University, and MM Publications.

Our A2 course, like all our courses, is designed with a meticulous plan to ensure effective learning. Each course typically lasts 1.5 to 2 months, though we appreciate that learning progress can vary from student to student. To help you stay on track, we conduct interim assessments at the end of each month. Your progression to the next level will depend on the results of these assessments, conducted by our in-house examination department.

We provide original, licensed course materials sourced directly from Cambridge and MM Publications. These specially updated materials are exclusively used at our centre, offering our students a unique learning experience.

Our teaching staff is composed of over 30 certified instructors. Each of them holds an IELTS certificate, alongside various other credentials that attest to their language proficiency and teaching capabilities. Despite the uniformity in course content, each teacher brings their unique style to the classroom, creating a diverse and engaging learning environment. The quality of our teaching is overseen by our Director, Muhammadhon Soliev, an internationally recognized testing examiner with a wealth of teaching experience.

For a more immersive learning experience, we also offer a library stocked with over 60,000 books. The library is open from morning till evening every day, supporting our students' academic growth beyond the classroom.

We are operational even on Sundays, which is when our mock exams are conducted. For any queries regarding exams, please visit room 407.

Get to know our educators better by visiting our Staff Page, where you can learn more about their qualifications, teaching style, and experience.

Join our A2 English course at Innovative Centre and take the next step in your English language journey by either coming to the centre directly or contacting us through Telegram. 

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