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IT Career Launchad - Series of IT courses

Welcome to the IT Career Launchpad course at Innovative Centre, the international learning and testing hub, collaborating with leading IT and educational organizations globally.

Our course structure is meticulously designed to ensure effective learning. Each course spans 1.5 to 2 months, acknowledging that each student's pace and progress are unique. At the end of each course, we conduct an interim assessment, the results of which determine the student's readiness to advance to the next level. These assessments are conducted by our dedicated examination department.

The course material used is cutting-edge, incorporating the latest trends and developments in the IT sector. Unique to our centre, these resources are curated and updated regularly, ensuring a unique and current learning experience.

Our team is composed of certified IT professionals and experienced instructors, each holding various certifications validating not only their IT proficiency but also their teaching methodologies and practices.


Although uniform in content, the teaching approach varies depending on the individual style of the teacher, allowing a diverse learning experience for our students. The performance and quality of teaching are overseen by our Director, an experienced professional with extensive international teaching and IT industry experience.

We operate even on Sundays, which is when our practical sessions and project reviews are conducted. For any questions or to enroll in the course, please visit reception or room 307.

Enroll in our IT Career Launchpad course at Innovative Centre and embark on your journey towards mastering the Information Technology sector. You can either come to the Centre directly or contact our staff via Telegram.

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