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Wendy Arnold - world-class expert associated with Innovative Centre

Wendy Arnold is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) expert consultant with 30 years of experience in teacher/trainer training for primary, secondary and vocational contexts and is an author of educational materials. She has done primary and secondary curriculum reforms, trainings and project managing in writing and editing the language and methodology courses in many countries across the globe. She has worked with Ministries of Education, publishers, private training institutes and providers of education.

Wendy Arnold is a former member of IATEFL, committee member of Royal Society of Authors and MATSDA in different roles of joint coordinator and events coordinator. She has published with Macmillan Education, Oxford University Press and Harper Collins. She co-founded ELT Consultants in 2009 and is now a Consultant for Ministries of Education who want to reform their current English curriculum and teacher training, as well as those who want to implement English. She enjoys working with national colleagues to help develop curriculum, materials and teacher training. She feels it is important that each country develops its own national capacity.

She worked with national English curriculum experts of Uzbekistan from 2013 to 2019, supporting the development of Kids’ English, as well as facilitating round table discussions with curriculum, assessment and teacher training departments at the Ministry of Education.

Wendy Arnold has signed a memorandum of partnership with SILE International (part of Innovative Centre) and conducted a workshop for students training at Innovative Centre in 2020. During Central Asia TEFL-2021 Wendy Arnold presented her speech by title “Teaching English as a foreign language is completely dependent for success on the quality of the teachers”, she impressed all participants of the conference by saying that teachers seem to be the single most powerful influence on students’ learning.


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