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Celebrating Ahmad Xasanov's Outstanding Journey and Achievements!

Let's celebrate the remarkable achievement of Ahmad Xasanov, who has achieved an impressive IELTS score of 7.0, with an outstanding 8.5 in the Listening section!

Ahmad's journey to success was guided by the expertise of his IELTS teacher, Mukhammadkhon Soliev, and his speaking teacher, Timurbek Djalilov. Their valuable guidance and support played a vital role in honing his skills, boosting his confidence, and achieving an impressive score.

Ahmad's commitment to excellence led him to utilize renowned resources such as books from Cambridge University Press and MM Publications. These comprehensive study materials equipped him with the necessary knowledge, strategies, and techniques to excel in the IELTS exam.

Ahmad's passion for effective communication led him to actively participate in debate clubs organized by Bobirjon Bakhtiyorev. Engaging in these clubs not only enhanced his speaking skills but also provided a platform for exchanging ideas and perspectives with fellow participants.

Ahmad's accomplishments extended beyond the IELTS realm. His exceptional linguistic abilities led him to victory in the Polyglot Championship, and he had the privilege of meeting with the Governor. Furthermore, he actively participated in international conferences and presenting clubs, showcasing his intellectual prowess and passion for knowledge sharing.

Ahmad's outstanding performance in the IELTS exam, his active involvement in debate clubs and conferences, and his notable achievements are an inspiration to all aspiring test-takers.

Congratulations, Ahmad Xasanov, on your exceptional achievement! Your unwavering commitment, coupled with your impressive scores, truly set you apart. We applaud your dedication, and we are excited to witness the continued success and bright future that awaits you.


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