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Shokhrukh Ernazarov scored 7,0

Congratulations to Shokhrukhjon Ernazarov, who scored 7,0 in recent exam. Shokhrukh is a good example of hard-working student who started his English Learning journey in the beginning of March 2020 with the level of A1, after 7 months of General English course with Zarina Gaibova and 3 months extensive IELTS course with Mukhammadkhon Soliev, he has achieved the score he wanted.

He never gave up studying even during lockdown because of Coronavirus pandemic. However it was not so easy, since he faced many difficulties everyday spending his time only in English and isolate himself at home.

Nowadays he is getting ready for SAT exam and planning to study in the US because he is into Information Technology. We wish Shokhrukh all the best in his long term plans!


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