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How the student of Medical school got IELTS 7.5?

There is another brilliant story about Shavkat Bekhbudi who took IELTS with British Council on February 2021. He is currently a third year student at Samakand Medical Institute who has been learning English since his first year after his admittance.

To achieve his personal best Mr. Bekhbudi had self-study and used to watch some online videos and he devoted around 30 minutes per day in order to improve his English. Because his initial desire was not IELTS, he just wanted to know General English as it was relevant to his medical researches.

He soon realized that watching videos won’t be enough and when he began his second year of education he had serious intentions, so he started spending more time for English. He completed all authentic IELTS practice materials published by Cambridge University Press and especially during quarantine he studied a lot. Luckily, he was able to pass IELTS exam on February and scored overall 7.5


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