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Best friend - towards best results!

Shakhzod Abdujalilov and Faridun Maseev

2 best friends who used to be always together, sometimes people were calling them as twins. Actually they are close neighbours and when they came to Innovative Centre their level of English was below B2, during past 7 month they were mentored by one of our specialists- Malika Shakirjanova.

Shakhzod and Faridun say that there are many distractions at home, and the best way to learn English was spending time in a Library. “It can be any Library, for example Pushkin’s or Innovative Centre’s library. To achieve a better results we used to practice together and away from home, especially in a peaceful places. We have completed all 15 Cambridge books twice, and daily we had to fulfill our target; minimum 2 Listening tasks, 2 Reading and at least 1 Writing Task 2 essay. We used to practice Speaking for 3 hours daily”.

As a result of hard work, both of them got IELTS 7.0 and together they are now studying at MDIST. Innovative Centre is happy to have such remarkable students and wish them all the best in their future life.


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