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Azim Mustafoev

IELTS trainer and teacher of general English

Certificate of Language Proficiency (IELTS overall 7.5 issued by British Council) and teaching for adults

International Certificate issued by Cambridge Qualifications, TKT Module-1

Bachelor’s degree from Samarkand state Institute of Economy and Service, Faculty of Finance and Insurance services.

What inspires me?

Priority for me and for my teaching is to learn new words in an interesting and effective way as well as to utilize them in real context. The motto of our class is: We learn English along with the fascinated culture, not just learn English via technical structure.

Biographical data

Azimjon is an ELT (English Language Teaching) Specialist and has extensive experience in teaching students of different nationalities and age categories since he instructs plethora of students willing to enhance English language skills despite their age or cultural background. As an ELT Specialist, he makes hard attempts so as to inspire his students to study such an international language as English with great degree of enthusiasm. This is mainly on the grounds that he considers the more learners become drawn to the language learning process thanks to their own desire, the more it is likely to lead them towards positive outcomes in terms of doing great in evolving English language skills. Therefore, as one of the most commonly widespread sayings goes: “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see”, Azimjon lays his preference on teaching English language in variously unique styles such as working interactively along with a group of his apprentices as much as possible and simultaneously paying the equal amount of attention to each student's progressing in evolving English language aptitudes.

Personal skills and competence:

A quick learner, punctual, able to prioritize, а team player, keep deadlines successfully. By highlighting one of the most vital aspects of his unique style of teaching, it is worthwhile to underline that he encourages his group of apprentices to learn the new words via watching an English language series of computer animated TV show which is likely to assist the English learners not only to uncover myriad unfamiliar words, but also to advance listening skills.


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