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A delegation from the Innovative Centre on TV

Two of the most progressive students of Innovative Centre participated in live TV of the newly established channel “Foreign Languages.”

Tokhir Islomov (holds 8 in IELTS) and Alexsander Sulimov, students of Innovative Centre, shared their experiences of learning the English Language. Alexender reached an advanced level of English within one year and a half of intensive preparation (he holds 7.5 in IELTS). Also, they were asked about their achievements and what difficulties they faced during their learning process. Both of them said the main reasons for them to learn English were the ability to communicate with more people, get to know other cultures and the academic prospects that the English language provides. Indeed, many high-quality courses in most prestigious universities worldwide are provided in English. Moreover, they mentioned several other advantages of knowing English, like reading many books in original and watching films in English. Regarding obstacles on their way to learning English, speaking fluently was a problem for them and comprehending really fast speech, but as they said, consistent effort and practice could resolve such issues.

In addition, at the beginning of the interview, the most talented artist of Innovate Centre, Alexsander Sulimov, gifted one of his works depicting Shokhizinda to the channel’s studio and was thanked for his memorable present.


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