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16 years old schoolgirl with Speaking 8.0 and Listening also 8.0

Meet our beloved student who is just 16 years old and recently got IELTS overall 7.0 score. About 5 month ago she joined to Nigina Irgasheva’s IELTS course and studied hard. She stated that she was able to achieve the desired score only with the professional help and mentorship of her teacher. She regularly used to attend to Mock exams to track her progress and average score.

There are some tips from Laziza how to achieve better results:

1) Daily practice

2) Attending lessons regularly

3) Working on yourself (She feels that self-study helped a lot)

4) Doing different IELTS exercises for pleasure

She is absolutely right, because everyone does practice and not all candidates can improve their scores. Whenever you do practice- do it for pleasure and with love.

Laziza’s dreams come true and she will soon apply to the Westminster University. Innovative Centre wishes her long term prospective in her future academic life.


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