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Training courses for international exams

The innovative centre organised training courses for teachers at school number 37, in the Samarkand region, to familiarise them with the format of various international exams.

In accompaniment with other staff, the director of the Innovative Centre, Mukhammadkhon Soliyev, gave all the information needed regarding the international exams, particularly TKT at school number 37 in Samarkand. These courses aim to broaden teachers’ knowledge and prove their knowledge to the world. Now school teachers will have an opportunity to attend TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) courses conducted by a Cambridge English expert. Everyone seemed to have liked the first session of classes and looking forward to attending them. Also, one of the teachers said, “the course was indeed insightful and helpful to me, and I am definitely going to attend them.” Owing to such classes, teachers from Samarkand now have a chance to take part in these high-quality lessons to gain more qualifications. Nowadays, It is especially essential to have a certificate which demonstrates your actual language and teaching skills, and these courses are a great chance to inquire these skills.

The innovative centre helps many teachers expand their knowledge and prepare for internationally recognised exams by organising such training courses. In addition, many more classes are planned to be led by the Innovative Centre in other schools.


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