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Time to have fun with games and activities for your online classrooms.

During Central Asia TEFL-2021 Conference Gregg Sotiropoulos represented MM publication and made a meaningful presentation on the topic of Jollification! Time to have fun with games and activities for your online classrooms.

He stated: Truth be told, teaching online can sometimes be a tedious task, especially when students are disengaged and the flow of the lesson is broken. What can we do at that moment to re-engage our students? Together let’s take a look at some ideas that will surely spark your student’s interest and increase participation, making your lesson memorable!

Beginning his career in education in 1996 as an elementary school teacher in New York, Gregg continues to this day to motivate, inspire and coach both teachers and students worldwide. In today’s ever-changing society his approach to education is led by the guiding principle of “filotimo”, simply translated by “doing good”. He holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Education and Art and an MBA with a focus on managerial interactions. Gregg has participated in numerous conferences delivering plenaries, workshops and seminars concentrating on Leadership, Coaching, Motivation, and Professional Development. He is currently working for MM Publications as an ELT Academic Consultant and teacher trainer

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