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The results of 2021

Innovative Centre is pleased to announce that over 100 students scored seven and above(C1) during one year.

These results will enable them to study in all universities abroad and get scholarships and grants from prestigious universities worldwide. Moreover, those who scored lower would be able to get accepted to every national university, enrol in many courses abroad, and pretend to get scholarships.

Many students were able to receive such good scores in a pretty short time. Many students noted that critical factors to success were high-quality lessons conducted at the Innovative Centre, authentic materials from Cambridge, and a good environment that facilitates learning. As Umida Payzullaeva said, “My IELTS journey was unforgettable and owing to my teacher Mukhammadkhon Soliev, I could get seven within three months of preparation time.”

In addition, there are some notable students who not only got high scores but also have won scholarships from the world’s top universities. For instance, Shakhrina Jangirova got a scholarship worth $40.000 from Temple University, while Parviz Subkhankulov received a 240.000 USD-worth scholarship from Duke University. As they state, “Advanced English lessons at Innovative Centre changed the way I study outright.” Also, Sukhrob Murodov is one of the few people to reach the C2 level of English. What makes his English journey even more fascinating is that he started learning English from the A2 level and got C2 in less than a year.

Innovative Centre hopes to have even more impressive results and achievements in the upcoming year.


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