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The only authorised Cambridge exam centre in Uzbekistan

Having established a partnership with Cambridge English back in 2018, Innovative Centre has been solely the only exam centre in Uzbekistan authorised to conduct all Cambridge Exam main suit qualifications. Since then, it has been running a plethora of globally-recognised exams such as TKT, Linguaskill, IELTS, FCE (B2-first), CAE (C1-advanced) and others, both for students and teachers willing to test their English and also teaching skills. However, what most notably sets Innovative Centre apart not only among centres in Uzbekistan but among other centres in Central Asia is that it is also empowered to conduct CPE (C2-proficiency). Nowhere else candidates from Central Asia can challenge themselves and get a certificate proving to the world that they have mastered the English language to an exceptional level.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that when in 2018, Innovative Centre was starting out running these exams, few people, indeed if any knew about their existence. Moreover, besides IELTS, everyone can sign up for Linguaskill courses in the Innovative Centre and take TKT mock tests.

In acknowledgement, Chris Betts, an assistant director of Cambridge English (now a part of Cambridge University Press & assessment), visited the Innovative Centre to bestow it with an officially authorised Centre certificate. Innovative Centre is genially committed to enabling world-class education and thus will further endeavour to provide all the educational facilities and opportunities for everybody.


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