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Teacher Training conducted by Natalia Tsarikova at Innovative Centre

Natalia Tsarikova is an English Language Programmes Manager, teacher trainer, English language education consultant.

She worked at the British Council as an English language projects manager and committed to institutionalizing projects’ outcomes to ensure the sustainability of EL projects. Natalia has over 16 years of experience on ELT projects in Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Iran and Afghanistan, which aimed at raising the levels of English and teaching of in-service English teachers.

She is passionate about ELT and Project Management as a way of constant growth and development. She enjoys joint creation and managing ideas to grow into tangible results.

Natalia also has experience of managing a vocational education and primary textbook development projects in Uzbekistan. She has an extensive experience of working with ministries of education and organization of international conferences and successfully conducted Teacher Training masterclass at Innovative Centre in April 2019.

Upon completion of the “British Council IELTS teacher training” all participants were granted with certificates of excellence in teaching and since then a lot of young learners were mentored by our teachers. Many our graduates are now studying abroad, from USA to Japan and they are heroes of our “wall of fame”.


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