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Speaking and Writing masterclass delivered by Nathan Richard Jones

He has completed a series of Speaking Masterclasses and conducted MOCK Speaking and writing workshops for young learners of Innovative Centre in Samarkand. He has checked and provided individual feedbacks for each and every participants during Speaking and Writing course. Consequently our attendees have found out and determined their own weakest points while being interviewed by Nathan and they have improved their academic skills with Innovative Centre.

Nathan Richard Jones an Australian expert in IELTS testing (Speaking and Listening modules (License issued in 2007 by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations) who has colossal experience and worked with British Council in Beijing China, Milano, Australia and Japan for many years as a Speaking examiner, IELTS Examiner Supervisor Trainer, Overseas Qualifications Unit Assessment Officer and ESL teacher. He knows English, Japanese, Chinese and Italian. He also actively volunteers Film Production and Event Administration.

Nathan Richard Jones clients are those who wants to be prepared for English language examinations, of all age groups, cultural, educational and professional backgrounds. His professional practice of English language teaching and education coaching is centred upon teaching and developing critical thinking, writing for academic or professional purposes and intercultural communication within our global world.


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