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Presentation from British Council Uzbekistan experts

Two representatives of the British Council Uzbekistan gave an engaging presentation to the students of the Innovative Centre.

In particular, they provided all the information needed about the IELTS exam to inform students about what to expect during test day and the actual exam itself. One of the experts, Amirsaid Sadikov, advised how to approach the exam and do your best, pointing out the importance of staying calm and focused. In addition, the most common mistakes were outlined, which prevent students from getting high scores, and experts shared some valuable tips on how to avoid these mistakes. As one of the students said, “I found answers to my most concerning questions, and now more confident in my abilities.” Some teachers also took part to emphasise something new for themselves and spend time productively. Once the masterclass had come to its end, all the participants took advantage of the chance to talk to the representatives in a more informal atmosphere.

All the participants liked the presentation saying that it was really informative, gained more knowledge about the IELTS exam, and thanked guests for the time they devoted to them.

The innovative Centre will continue conducting insightful masterclasses and presentations on various topics so as to increase students’ knowledge and give skills needed in our competitive world.


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