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“Motivating University students using IT”

Elina Tovmasyan has been working as an EFL teacher in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She started her career at Uzbekistan Sate World Languages University in 2011. Currently she works as a head of English language department at Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent. At the moment Elina focuses on implementation of CLIL in Uzbekistan. For the Central Asia TEFL-2021 Conference she prepared presentation about “Motivating University students using IT”

The presentation displayed the reasons why students lose motivation to study when the online mode of instruction is employed. The differences between lack of motivation in traditional and online classroom also was presented. Additionally various ways of increasing student motivation was offered.

For instance she advised ways of increasing student motivation in online classrooms:

  • Learn the technology yourself

  • Adapt the course to the online mode of instruction

  • Explain parents the importance of online classes

  • Make sure the students know how to use the educational technology

  • Start with small steps- Blended learning

  • Establish strong teacher presence

  • Use a variety of activities

  • Ask for student feedback


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