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May 19, 2022, four years have passed since the first IELTS exam was held in the Innovative Centre

It has been exactly four years since the IELTS exam was ever conducted in Samarkand. Now, people of Samarkand who are preparing for IELTS take it for granted. However, this was not always the case. The opportunity to take the IELTS was not readily accessible just a couple of years ago, which caused a great deal of difficulty for candidates, but this issue was successfully tackled.

▪️ Until 2018, the citizens of Samarkand did not possess the chance to take the IELTS exam in Samarkand and had to travel to Tashkent in order to do this, which was not convenient. Starting to conduct IELTS in Samarkand, Innovative Centre has simplified the exam procedure by removing the extra pressure to travel to Tashkent, providing the chance to take the IELTS in Samarkand for all who wish.

▪️ Since then, many more improvements have taken place that enhanced the comfortability of taking the IELTS in Samarkand. Not only can candidates choose a paper-based exam, but they also have the chance to take IELTS on the computer. Additionally, the frequency of test dates has increased, providing more choices for candidates, and the number of seats for the exam increased.

▪️ Innovative Centre always tries to make the procedure of taking IELTS perfect by creating all the conveniences for students and making the most appropriate exam atmosphere.


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