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Masterclass by a world-class expert Christopher Vassilou

One of the internationally renowned experts, Christopher Vassilou, visited the Innovative Centre and conducted an insightful masterclass there for students and teachers. The masterclass was led to share valuable tips and advice regarding education, and everybody was free to ask any questions.

He talked with students and discussed various topics like education abroad and plans for the future in general. The thing that sets this masterclass apart is the friendly atmosphere that prevailed there. Christopher outlined the main mistakes students make when preparing for international exams and how to deal with these exams. He gave many tips to students on how to choose the right profession and how to study efficiently. In addition, he gave a piece of advice to teachers regarding how they can induce students to learn more. Everyone had a good impression of the masterclass. As Christopher said, “It was a wonderful experience”, and he is looking forward to meeting all the students again. Students were also impressed as one of them said, “I got answers to all my questions concerning foreign language learning and education as a whole.” Christopher Vassilou was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, and got his Bachelor`s degree in English Literature and a Master’s degree in Development and Learning Disabilities. Moreover, he has profound experience in teaching English as a second language for all levels. Currently, he is employed by MM Publications as an ELT consultant and teacher trainer.

Innovative Centre has always invited world-class experts and continues to follow the same pattern to broaden students’ knowledge and facilitate learning.


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