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It takes courage to achieve your goal

Amal Khamzaev is one of the honored students of our Centre, he has outgoing personality and a great sense of humour. He is now waiting for his application to get approved, soon he will be admitted to prestigious University abroad where his dreams come true. He joined to Innovative Centre in 2016 and recently he got IELTS 7.0 score.

As he says his past can be considered as a real example and he has life experience how every Candidate should study. Firstly, he was careless and didn’t try his best to study well. Consequently he lost few years, but he know that it takes courage to achieve success and knowledge comes with hard work. He advises to everyone not to lose time and study English with love and honestly. Innovative Centre’s family congratulates Amal Khamzaev and wishes him all the best in his future career.


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