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Innovative Centre Welcomes the Decision of DKU Regarding Parviz Subkhankulov and Academic Integrity

by Ahmadxon Hasanov

Innovative Centre is committed to fostering an environment of growth, learning, and high ethical standards. We believe that academic integrity is the cornerstone of a progressive educational landscape, which in turn, is a reflection of a just and righteous society. We have always strived to promote these values through our various programs and collaborations with esteemed educational institutions.

A recent incident involving one of our sponsored students, Parviz Subkhankulov at Duke Kunshan University (DKU), brought to the forefront a critical issue concerning academic integrity and the use of artificial intelligence in academia. While the university’s Undergraduate Academic Review Board found Parviz responsible for violations of academic integrity, it's essential to delve deeper into the systemic lapses that contributed to this scenario.

We appreciate the decision of DKU to suspend Parviz for the Fall semester of 2023, as opposed to an outright expulsion. This decision, we believe, encapsulates a fair blend of accountability and an opportunity for redemption. It is a manifestation of an educational institution’s role not just in punitive action, but in nurturing a pathway for ethical realization and improvement.

Moreover, we find it crucial to highlight that such incidents of academic misconduct are not borne out of individual actions alone but are reflective of broader systemic issues. It’s imperative that educational institutions like DKU also reflect on the oversight of their staff members who could have played a preventative role in this incident. The dialog on academic integrity should transcend the immediate disciplinary actions and extend to preventive measures, staff training, and a collaborative endeavor to foster an environment of honesty and ethical conduct.

We, hence, urge DKU to also hold accountable and examine the roles of staff members involved in this case, ensuring that a conducive and vigilant environment is maintained for adhering to the high standards of academic integrity.

This incident has undoubtedly instigated a necessary discussion around academic honesty, especially in the evolving landscape of digital technologies and AI. It serves as a significant learning experience not just for Parviz, but for all stakeholders involved, pushing us to collectively strive for a more transparent and ethically robust academic environment.

The detailed documents pertaining to this case are attached below for a comprehensive understanding of the matter, showcasing our dedication towards transparency and maintaining high ethical standards.

Documents attached(here) We, at Innovative Centre, remain hopeful for Parviz's earnest reflection and learning from this episode, and his eventual successful return to the academic arena. Our resolve to ensure the utmost standards of academic integrity among our sponsored students remains unshaken.


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