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Innovative Centre is the only private Centre from Samarkand presented in Youth Forum in Tashkent.

Innovative Centre was the only Private School from Samarkand presented in Youth Forum in Tashkent during 28th and 30th June 2021. Our beloved students with our director went to Tashkent on 28th June, they all were accommodated and provided with full board meal by the Government and all their transportation was covered. Upon arrival they visited Tashkent City and Botanic Garden, those places which are famous among youth.

On the next day, participants demonstrated their skills in IT, arts and Polyglot. The Forum was organized in 2 parts. During the first step Blitz-questioning, Kamrambek Isoev got the first prize and Sukhrob Murodov was awarded the second.

Shakhrina Jzngirova won the third prize for her excellent presentation. Afterwards, all participant joined a mini-tour at the Botanic Garden where they enjoyed with the richest collection of different rare flowers.

During the youth forum on June 30th, the President of Uzbekistan talked to our talented students who won all three places in republican competition 'Polyglot' and gave them advices on their future life. It was the most breathtaking and glorious meeting was arranged with our President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Amal Khamzaev was questioned by Mr. President about his age, how many foreign languages he knows and where is he studying. According to the Head of our Country, authorities will encourage and promote talented young students to become even better, and impose punishment measures against violent and bullied children.

This honorable meeting with Mr. President followed with concert and dancing. All participants were invited for the dinner and they even got branded wrist-watches as a gift.


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