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Innovative Centre holds the top position in the schoolrate rankings

It is no secret that finding an English educational centre that provides high-quality education and advanced facilities for its students has always been difficult. However, "schoolrate," a professional list of English education centers, simplifies this process. The website rates English schools in Uzbekistan using various reliable criteria, and the top list consists of 25 educational centers. Criteria include, but are not limited to, the date of establishment, course availability (weekdays, weekends, after and before noon), number of students in classes, affordability of courses, number of branches, certification of preparation for Cambridge exams, and Cambridge Assessment quality transparency index.

Over the years, many alterations have taken place in the rankings, with a leader changing now and then. However, in recent times, the Innovative Centre located in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, has become a stable leader without giving in its position to any other school, and there are many reasons for this.

According to the website, the Educational Center was founded in 2011. Compared to other schools, the Innovative Center offers high-quality classes at significantly lower fees; on average, an hour costs 16000 uzs, while one month of preparation costs 293 uzs. Furthermore, the lessons are taught by qualified teachers who adhere to world-class educational standards. Another reason for being the number one education school in Uzbekistan is the number of students in each class; there are 15 of them per class. Due to this, a teacher can allow considerably more time for every student. It is also worth mentioning that it is the only Centre in Central Asia authorized to conduct Cambridge main suit exams. Having established a partnership with Cambridge English in 2018, Innovative Centre has been solely the only exam center in Uzbekistan allowed to perform all Cambridge Exam primary suit qualifications. Since then, it has been running many globally-recognized exams such as TKT, Linguaskill, IELTS, FCE (B2-first), CAE (C1-advanced), and others for students and teachers willing to test their English and also teaching skills. However, what most notably sets Innovative Centre apart from centers in Uzbekistan and other centers in Central Asia is that it is also empowered to conduct CPE (C2-proficiency). Nowhere else candidates from Central Asia can challenge themselves and get a certificate proving to the world that they have mastered the English language to an exceptional level.

Considering everything mentioned above, it is undeniable that the Innovative Centre justifiably holds the top position in the rankings. Moreover, according to the center, it is set to maintain its dominance by raising its standards even higher.


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