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Innovative Centre and its global partner MM publication signed a memorandum of partnership with the Ministry of preschool education

During the world conference on early childhood development held in Tashkent, a strategic partnership was established between Innovative Centre, MM publication, and the Ministry of preschool education. At the meeting, the heads of the Innovative Centre, MM publication, and the Ministry of preschool education came to terms with collaborating to enhance the current preschool education system by many means, like providing world-class learning and teaching resources, enabling quality assessment, and others.

In the near future, a great deal of work will be done in this area to bring the level of preschool education up to the highest level. This partnership aims to revolutionize early childhood education by leveraging the expertise of all involved parties, implementing innovative teaching methodologies, developing comprehensive curriculum frameworks, and establishing robust teacher training programs. By pooling resources and knowledge, we envision a future where every child has access to a high-quality preschool education, setting a solid foundation for lifelong learning and success.


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