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Innovative Centre alumni

Innovative Centre continues to provide its students with world-class education. The last thirty days have been a strong illustration of this, with several Innovative Centre students receiving high marks in internationally recognized English testing exams. Furthermore, an Innovative Centre graduate was granted admission to Lycoming College in the United States and received his F1 visa. Meet one of Innovative Centre's most notable and hardworking students:

Rakhimov Mardon, an attendee of an IELTS course, got 7 in the IELTS exam. Within five months of intensive training, he upgraded his English and reached the C1 English Language level. As he considered, the critical factors of his success were high-quality classes and the determination with which he studied.

Shakhzod Abdujalilov is another brilliant student with a score of 7.5 on IELTS. Being hard-working and motivated, Shakhzod managed to get such a high score, which now allows him to apply to any university both nationally and afield.

Khaydarov Lazizbek scored 7 during two months of training at the Innovative Centre. Not only was he able to get 7 in IELTS, but also, he scored 8 in both reading and listening sections. According to him, he was regularly participating in mock tests and was also preparing with authentic materials that assisted him greatly.

Zarnigor Abdukarimova is a secondary school teacher in Samarkand. She enrolled in the Linguaskill course at the Innovative Centre after initially failing to obtain teacher certification. She received a C1 in the Linguaskill examination after five months of hard work and preparation using material from international publishers.

Shaxruz Isroilov (five months of training) and Hamrokulov Daler (four months of training) have been participating in the advanced English course. Shaxruz Isroilov participated in extra-curricular reading activities, which helped him get 8 in this section. At the same time, Hamrokulov Daler kept track of his progress by taking weekly mock tests at the Innovative Centre.

Nurillobek Abdugafarov is a first-year student at Lycoming College. He attended a course specifically designed to enhance oral proficiency in the English language and an IELTS course. It goes without saying that obtaining a visa is not an easy task. Nonetheless, thanks to his teachers' professional approach, he was admitted and received his F1 student visa and a scholarship worth $17,000.


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