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"Innovative Approaches to Assessment" by prof. Hisham Al Saghbini

Prof. Hisham Al Saghbini, Senior Regional Recognition and Assessment Services Manager for Central (Africa, ME, GCC, Central Asia, Turkey and Russia) Cambridge Assessment English, conducted an incredible presentation about "Innovative Approaches to Assessment:

LOA Approach" for the Central Asia TEFL-2021 Conference and covered below topics:

Life experiences impact the way people learn.

Challenge for teachers to be effective in teaching and to make teaching and learning relevant.

Increasing pressure due Covid 19 impact on Education.

Prof. Hisham highlighted the role of Cambridge English that will also provide participating universities with an in-depth impact study, to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme and identify opportunities for improvement.

Some challenges the teacher might face:

• To equip our young people with the language knowledge and skills that they need in their social lives and that employers need in the workplace

• Formal schooling should enable these learners to develop functional communication abilities that can be used in the real world

• Many will need to be plurilingual – with English as a basic skill

Prof. Hisham Al Saghbini has international experience of more than 15 years and is currently the CEO of Qualifications House UK and Sagson. He specializes in quantitative and qualitative research in education and has taught at many universities in the UK and overseas. He has written numerous books and articles on education and employment inclusion. He is also an advocate for the rights and empowerment of people with special needs and invented the WPPD - Work Passport for People with Determination, which is a unique programme to assess, evaluate and then employ candidates from people with determination.


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