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IELTS 9.0 Grown Up at Innovative Centre

Story by Sukhrob Murodov

“I remember walking into the Innovative Centre as a 14-year-old boy, never expecting to be personally greeted and welcomed by the director himself. Mukhammadkhon Soliev, a big name in IELTS with thousands of students scoring 7.0 and higher, shook my hand and accepted me into his classes. At that time, dreaming of an IELTS score of 7.0 and getting into Diplomacy University in Tashkent seemed like a far reach.

From my first day, Mukhammad aka supported me in every step, greatly influencing both my personal and professional life. He was the one I always turned to for advice in any situation. Together, we achieved quite a lot: first IELTS 7.5, then 8.0 as I turned 17, and later, the first C2 Proficiency exam, equivalent to IELTS 9.0 in 2021. I knew my level was already at 9.0 two years prior, and after achieving C2, I decided to grow professionally and academically, writing academic articles for Scopus-indexed journals and being admitted to one of the finest universities in the world.

Between 2022 and now, I was away from exams, interning at Deloitte as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). However, the recent trend of Uzbekistan citizens scoring 9.0 in IELTS, reaching the level I had achieved in 2021, inspired me to take the IELTS again. With little preparation and relying on the knowledge and skills I had gained, along with my old notebooks from the C2 course at the Innovative Centre, I decided to try. After a 2-day intensive session with my lifelong mentor, Mukhammad aka, I entered the exam room with confidence, though I thought I had messed up and even asked him to register me for the December 24th and January sessions.

I literally grew up at Innovative, considering this place my second home, and my mentor as one of my closest people. This 9.0 and all my other achievements are the results of my parents' attention, the help of my mentor, and the astonishing atmosphere here at the Innovative Centre.” 


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