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From beginner to 7.5 in IELTS at the age of 14- an incredible story of Mahmud Khamraev

My story will tell you how I could motivate myself at the age 12 to become a hard-working student.

Having been a 12-year-old youngster with little understanding of the English language and an erratic life, I took my way to the Innovative Centre. At that time, being fluent in English was nothing, but an unreal dream for me. That was simply because I had not met any educational institutions that would help me to ace the English proficiency exam before. On the very first day, I went to the group of Islom Tokhirov, whose IELTS score was 8. Such an impressive band became a true inspiration for my future studies.

As I mentioned before, I started from A2, where I had no idea how to use complex language structures and what IELTS wanted from me. In the very first lesson, I felt like I am in an appropriate dish and subconsciously understood that this is the place, where I can achieve milestones.

After some time, I met Muhammadkhon Soliev, the director of Innovative Centre. While attending his lessons, I gained an enormous amount of valuable information and strategies that helped me to boost my IELTS score. Moreover, Muhammadkhon Soliev gave me an access to authentic materials, which contributed to learning and familiarizing myself with the exam format. He said that high IELTS score is an indicator of hard work and getting rid of distractions must be essential for me. That is what I briefly did.

No less credit must be given to the guys from the Future Leaders club, who have done a lot of practice and analysis with me. These guys are kind and undoubtfully persuasive. Within a short period of time, I gained valuable teamwork experience, that is going to help me in the future.

After becoming fluent in English, my next aim is to conduct researches on Political science and provide benefit for the whole globe, as well as the society around me.

The support, guidance, and inspiration from Muhammadkhon Soliev, Islom Tokhirov, and the Future Leaders Club have set the stage for further personal growth and success.


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