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Firdavs Sattorov scored 7,5 in Listening and Reading (6,5 in overall)

Firdavs Sattorov in his 17th is confident that he will become a student of one of the prestigious universities ranked top 10 in the USA. To achieve his dream he studies hard since September 2020 with Parvina Igamova’s General English course and continued with Mukhammadkhon Soliev’s IELTS group for only past 3 month. In this short period he could improve his Listening and Reading eventually by scoring 7,5 from each component of IELTS exam.

Firdavs ensures that only practice does not make you perfect, in order to master any skill you need to practice and analyze, squeeze the insights. Only by understanding the way how to deal with each type of questions you can easily get high band score. For example, listen to English music and read the lyrics, translate the text and get deep meanings of what you hear.

Firdavs also worked at hotel as a Barman for 3 month and got useful experience where he could practice his Speaking with native speakers and distinguish between various accents; such as Japanese and Spanish. Unlike to his Listening and Reading, his Writing score is poor, because as he say he never spend extra time to work on it. It is a pity, if he could get 0.5 higher score let’s say in Writing, obviously he could score 7.0 overall, unfortunately indeed it is not.

We wish Firdavs continued success in his future life and advice to others not to neglect any components of IELTS and treat them all with a proper respect.


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