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Exciting trip to the mountains

The Innovative Centre staff, and not only, took an enjoyable trip to the nearby splendid mountains at the weekend. This trip was a fantastic chance to relax and unwind after a tough work week. Many members of the Innovative Centre did not miss such a brilliant opportunity to spend the weekend actively, setting out early in the morning. Some of them also brought their children, making the trip even more joyful.

Moreover, this journey has positively affected cooperation between staff members and built-up networking, making the Innovative Centre staff even more united and loyal. In addition, this trip helped strengthen team bonds, which is an essential part of any workforce and enhance friendship bonds. It was a wonderful experience, and while going uphill, they witnessed some animals inhabiting the mountain. Besides conquering the mountain’s summit, the trip participants played a couple of fun as well as mental and beneficial games at the top, like football and volleyball and had a lovely picnic. Also, they took several awesome photos and enjoyed breathtaking scenery.

Everyone enjoyed nature and had an excellent impression of this memorable trip, saying that it helped them switch off from work and mundane routine. The innovative family came down in the evening after spending the whole day at the top of the mountain and walking through the woods.


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