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Doniyor Ismatov

International TESL and TEFL teacher

Holds Master Degree from Webster University, 2020

Bachelor Degree from Samarkand Economy and Service Institute

TEFL and TESL certificates from Webster University MA TESL.

Certified English teacher from Liguaskills

Participant of Central Asia TEFL-2021

Certificate of Language Proficiency (B2+)

English Teacher at BIC School; Responsible for monitoring and supporting the overall progress and development of students. Presently working as a teacher of general English at Innovative Centre

What inspires me?

The best reason to be a teacher is because I want to make a positive, inspiring impact on the lives of my students. I can achieve this by being kind, caring, empathetic and passionate. These are great qualities that a teacher should have.

Biographic data

A teacher who will always be an excellent role model for students and work for colleagues alike. Working hard rising the profile of English as a subject with pupils and within the English Center itself. Planning and preparing English Language lessons to meet the need of the audience, Doniyor shows high personal standards at all times and is someone who has the qualities, experience and aim needed to work with young people. His goal is to become a noble international teacher who can inspire and motivate every students to achieve their best.


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