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Central Asia TEFL-2022

A helpful panel discussion was organised during the Central Asia TEFL-2022, the most significant event for English language teachers in Central Asia, that took place at the Innovative Centre.

A large number of internationally recognised experts and authors from different organisations – Gregg Sotiropoulos(MM Publications), Alan Pulverness(NILE), Prof. Penny Ur, Dr Victoria Clark(British Council), Mukhammadkhon Soliev(Innovative Centre), Hisham Al Saghbani( Cambridge Assessment English) and many more other world-class experts took part in the panel discussion, exchanging ideas and giving advice regarding education. They have delivered informative speeches regarding the most beneficial ways of teaching and how to induce pupils to study. They pointed out the importance of having an individual approach for every student to improve their results. Also, they have run valuable workshops for English teachers and students from Central Asia, which aimed to enhance their knowledge and share some helpful teaching tips with teachers.

Besides, before the panel discussion, ELT specialists conducted a couple of insightful masterclasses and presentations, which happened to be engaging and informative. One of them was a presentation led by Gregg Sotiropoulos, who explained what makes a good presentation and how to overcome the fear of public speaking. All attendants liked the event as a whole, saying that it was informative and received answers to all the questions that had been concerning them regarding English learning, teaching and many more. No one regrated to spend almost the whole day on the Central Asia TEFL 2022.


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