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Bobirjon Bakhtiyorov scored 8,5 (C2) in Speaking

Bobirjon has been living in the US for 7 years and his language skills had built up over the years. However, IELTS test is unlike many other tests he has taken in the US so it was difficult to adjust to the new test format. However with the help of a language expert, Mukhammadkhon Soliev he learned a couple of techniques that helped to achieve band 8.

When he first arrived to Uzbekistan, people would always say IELTS and how it’s an English proficiency exam. But Bobirjon did not know the structure. With any exam you need a systematic approach. So, within 10 days he got ready for IELTS and its special structure.

In these 10 days he came to understand, English is more than just speaking there are many components to it and you need to approach each of them differently.

Bobirjon attended advanced group and solved pretest material which are the closest test material to the official IELTS and it gave him an accurate view of the difficulty of IELTS. He also volunteered at Innovative Centre as a native Speaker and run number of masterclasses and Speaking Clubs.


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