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Awarding ceremony of the most progressive students at the Innovative Centre

Innovative Centre conducted a ceremony to award its most progressive and diligent students, who got high scores on English level tests in the last two months, with great presents like certificates and other valuable gifts.

The objective of the ceremony was not only to gratitude students for their hard work, commitment and achievements but also to motivate other students not to give up and to work harder on themselves to reach their goals. Students were given various school weapons from Cambridge English during the ceremony, while teachers were not left off either. They were thanked for their dedication with letters of gratitude. Everyone had a good impression of the event and was glad to participate in such a pleasant event and receive good gifts. One of the students who attended the ceremony said, ‘It is so lovely to be here and receive awards for all my hard work and spend in a friendly environment.

As stated during the ceremony, “We are proud of our students and happy to congratulate them. As stated during the ceremony, “We are looking forward to awarding even more of them and teachers next time.”


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