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A Journey Towards Knowledge: The Story of Mukhammad-Ali

Growing up in the beautiful city of Samarkand, I was always a curious kid, fascinated by everything around me. So when I turned 16, I decided to spend my summer not at the beach, but at the Innovative Center. Yep, I chose books over sunburns! and that was a right choice

At the center, I had an amazing mentor named Timurbek Djaliev. He was like my personal guide on this learning journey, sharing his wisdom and sparking a passion for knowledge in me. And guess what? I even caught the attention of the center's director, Mukhammadhon Soliev. It was pretty cool to have these respected people acknowledging my hard work, but it also pushed me to keep pushing myself.

One Sunday evening, Mukhammadhon Soliev, a man with a passion for language, invited me to his cozy office. The walls were adorned with shelves filled to the brim with books and neatly placed certificates. As we settled in, he reached for a book with care and handed it to me. It was titled "English Proficiency". Little did I know, this simple act would ignite a spark within me, a love for learning the language. From that day forward, I dvelved into the world of English, immersing myself in its grammar, vocabulary, and expressions.

Now, let me tell you about the ultimate challenge: the debate clubs led by Bobirjon Bahtiyorov. This guy was an IELTS 9 scorer, so you can imagine how tough it was. I had to think on my feet, speak my mind, and defend my ideas. Trust me, there were moments when I felt like I was totally lost. But you know what? Every stumble was a lesson learned, and every criticism helped me grow.

Oh, and let's not forget about the writing course by Suhrob Murodov. He was another IELTS 9 achiever who taught me how to express myself on paper. It was like learning the art of storytelling. And let me tell you, those skills have come in handy more times than I can count.

All that hard work paid off when I achieved a score of 7.5 in IELTS and a whopping 1450 in SAT. It was a proud moment for sure, but my journey didn't end there. Lately, I've been diving into research about the role of family businesses in Uzbekistan's economy. It's a challenging task, but it gives me a sense of purpose. But my journey is far from over.

i'm exited to see where it will lead me next.


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