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$220,000 scholarship won by Parviz

Meet one more talented student - Parviz Subkhankulov, who received 7,5 within 7 month of preparation time. Parviz joined Innovative Centre at level B1 in February 2020 and after intensive and hard-working preparation reached a level of 7,5 in December.

According to the popular saying “He who knows the language knows the world,” there are now many preparation and language training centres for young people who are learning English and starting an independent life. In response, our youth from Innovative Centre Samarkand are diligently studying various subjects, especially English.

One of them is 17-year-old Parviz Subkhankulov, who recently became a student at the American University in China, Duke Kunshan. He mastered the knowledge and skills he received from teachers and raised his language skills to the level of C1 Advanced with merit. he received full scholarship of $ 220,000 which is granted by the university for all 4 years of study for a bachelor's degree.

Result speaks itself and Innovative Centre congratulates Parviz with becoming a financially awarded student and improving his qualifications in future. He will be able to realize his dreams and thereby contribute to the economic development of our country.


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