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Being hidden from modern miracles

Nowadays, the majority of people across the world have access up-to-date types of technology such as phones or TVs. Also, there are people who are so addicted to such devices, that they can not imagine life without them. To be honest, I am one of them. What would we do if we could opt for only one of them? So, Did I have to choose one of them, I would surely choose the social media sites and apps for some reasons. To begin with, most movies are not useful or real. They intend to entertain the audience and distract them from their daily problem if only for a moment. Even sometimes they distract us from our studies and work. On the other hand ,unlike TV series or films, through those apps and sites you can find plenty of useful information. They might assist you in your daily life, work and studies. Also, you can broaden your knowledge. I mean you can find lots of sites related to particular field of study and therefore find out enough information. Alternatively, those sites might enable you to practise language skills. To illustrate, you can converse with people all over the world and talk in their language. Last but not least, they can even give you an opportunity to improve communication skills as a result of interracting with virtual friends. All aformentioned things are main reasons for my choice.

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