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Decisions which we take can effect on our relationships

In this world, it is inherent to collide with situations when you have to make a difficult decision. So, I have faced with such moments many times until now, but I have decided to write about the most serious one. About 3 years ago, when I was in 7th grade in secondary-school, my friends told me they had quarreled with students from neighboring school. So serious their argument turned out to be, that they decided to fight with each other. Therefore, my friends begged me to go with them to fight, as they really needed support. I understood that if I had abandoned them alone, then i would always feel embarrassed in front of them. On the other hand, if i had gone with friends to uphold them, then i would probably have disgraced myself and my family in front of others. But later I realized that despite everything, I should not let my parents and me feel embarrassed among people. Later on, after 3 days, I got the message that my friends were in extremely bad condition. Three of them broke their hands, while my closest friend Akbar broke his nose. As well as getting injuries, their parents should have paid a fine in the police station. Now, each time we have a conversation, they still regret doing that thereby promising themselves not to repeat that again. It is true that I broke relationships with some of those guys due to the fact that I did not support them, but we can not do anything without losing something.

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