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Motivation is the key to success in study

In the past, there were so many problems of how motivate myself for studying. I did not notice that my progress in education become less and less but then I found ways how to control this situation and change my attitude to learning and myself. Firstly, I read every day, just read and by the end of reading I become more encouraged and happy so as during this process I imagine different things and see that without studying hard I can not achieve my goals and make my dreams into reality. Secondly, I do not allow my self to have an evening meal until I do all my homework and it really works. As I love eating I do exercises and tasks more faster and check it because only after I have access to food. It seems unusual but it is effective way and after some time I just got used to this method. Finally, it does not matter which methods to use because the main thing is just do it and make actions and do not sit and thinking how to start doing this or this because thoughts without actions are only thoughts.

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