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What I like about Innovative Centre

Nowadays, Uzbekistan pays more attention in quality of education than ever. Due to this tendency the large number of Educational Centers opened and still opening . However , in spite of the large number of educational centers Innovative Centre remaining its status and importance in society by its unique and innovative methods of teaching as well by showing high results in international tests like IELTS and CAE(Cambridge Assessment English)

When it comes to my own opinion and attitude towards to Innovative Centre ( IC ) : Before coming to IC I studied in many other centers but what I passionate about IC is not only methods of teaching and availability of books , but also being educated by highly qualified and experienced teachers .

First impression is vital for further studies. First time when I came to IC I was with my friends and they acquainted me to teacher Mr. Mukhammadkhon Soliev and his attention and warm attitude to young and newly came students like me inspire to study exactly at IC.

And a thing which I impressed is as a student of IC and Mukhammadkhon Soliev you never hear about price of books and even you never hear about payment form your teachers ! And the second thing which I really like , if you become a learner at IC you are not just learner or client but you become a part of Innovative Centre because Innovative Centre isn't only educational centre , Innovative Centre is a big family

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