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What I have achieved with Innovative Centre

For the first time when i came here, i was confused with arrangements of classes, but it was not the problem. Because, I was impressed by lessons which were conducted by the director of this centre and how effective they were. I had been studying at English centers like our IC, but i had to print all necessary materials on my own. And what made me happy here is availability of books. I don’t have to print books, because i can lend them for free at resource room. I had been studying there for 4 months and scored 6.0 in IELTS and 174 in CAE (speaking 190). But for me, that was not enough. Thanks to Mr. Soliev, who prepared me for the exam and who taught me. And after 4 months I have passed IELTS again and scored 7.5. Thanks to friendly staff and for the parties that they are organizing, and to Mr.Soliev

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