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Success in 4 months

My name is Sanjar and I'm a student in academic lyceum. It's my last year of education there, which means that I should enter a university. And due to this fact I had been searching for IELTS teaching centre for about a month, before I came across the Innovative centre in my own city. To tell the truth, my first impression wasn't inspiring. I think that I expected something unrealistic, because my friends, who had already been studying there, described the centre as a breathtaking building, with professionally organized interior, which was exaggerative. However, I started attending IELTS training classes and my mind immediately changed. The way how the staff members interacted with students, the quality of education and many other aspects, all of these were great. After having studied there for 4 month, I finally took my exam and got 7. I think that I would never achive this score, without the help of my teachers.

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