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My first impression about Innovative Centre

When i visited innovative center my aim was to learn all new ways of studying English and use them in my own practice .When i made my first step to innovative,the first thing i liked, were,modern design and conveniences such as wallpapers,desks,chairs and computers. All of these things were created as an opportunity for students to study hard! Second, the staff made me surprised, because teachers were not only polite with students ,but also with each other. Next,i met with Mr.Soliev, who is the director of center as well as the best teacher. Honestly, by the first look at him i did not even thought that he has that much respect, because he is very modest person and very clever. After few lessons i loved this center and began studying there and still i did not stop learning English. I achieved 6.0 in in IELTS 13 years old and still 7.0 from speaking and listening. I really appreciate innovative and my teacher for giving me an opportunity to achieve my goal.

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