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How I met Innovative Centre...

Innovative Centre is educational centre in Samarkand. As one of the first students of this centre I am very glad that I have a chance to write about my first impression and feelings when I came there. From the first view, I had a fair when I entered in that big and modern centre. There I have met director of centre Mr. Soliev and he approached me and asked: Did you come for learning, after this I said yes and he had showed me my teacher. Everything was nice. There were knowledgeable teachers and appropriate equipment for education. And with the time I have noticed how this centre became more famous and advanced. Now, Innovative Centre is on the first ranking places of English educational institutions in Uzbekistan but there was a time when less than forty people knew about it. And today more than five hundred people study there. To conclude my report, Innovative Centre is a good example of how one little-known and simple centre have become one from the country level with huge reputation which goes ahead of it.

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