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Information for preparation centres

If you are a new preparation centre, we have a welcome pack to help you get started.

This section is designed to help you plan your school year, and to provide you with all the support you need at the right time. We have materials to help you train your teachers, explain our exams to students and parents, and promote, teach, and prepare Cambridge English Qualifications.

When you’re ready, we have everything you need to register your students for their exam, and explain their results to them afterwards. Finally, we provide a range of resources to help you celebrate your students’ success with a certificate ceremony.

Your timeline for teaching and preparing for our exams


Starting the year

Now is the perfect time to tell parents and new teachers about the benefits of Cambridge English Qualifications, and for your school to discover all the amazing support available to help promote these exams. Use these resources to promote Cambridge English Qualifications, and explain them to parents and students.


Teaching and preparing throughout the year

Our extensive range of resources helps teachers and parents support students in their learning – both inside and outside the classroom


Deciding to register for the exam

Now is the time to talk to parents about their child’s progress and to decide if they’re ready to take the exam, as well as telling them about the registration process.


Final  preparation

It’s time to ensure your students are fully prepared for their exams. We have a whole range of materials to help your students with their final preparation.


Explaining results

Our resources have been created specifically to help teachers understand and explain how results are reported to students and parents, in a clear and easy to understand way.


Celebrating success

It’s time to recognise, celebrate and share the success of your students and teachers with parents, the school and the wider community. We have a range of resources that you can use to celebrate.


Staying up to date

Get tips for preparing your learners for Cambridge English Qualifications, free classroom resources, marketing materials and more, delivered directly to your inbox every month.

Your timeline to teaching and preparing for our exams

We have a handy timeline of the school year that you can download as a reminder.

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