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Arevik Kazaryants


Arevik Kazaryants is an accomplished professional in customer service and administrative management. Her role as a Customer Service Manager and assistant manager to the Director reflects her comprehensive understanding of both front-line customer interaction and high-level organizational management.

Arevik's customer service skills are noteworthy. She has proven herself adept at dealing with a broad range of customers and their needs, handling challenges with poise and professional grace. As a manager, she has successfully guided her team to deliver high-quality customer service, building strong relationships with customers and significantly contributing to overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In her capacity as the Assistant Manager to the Director, Arevik has shown an excellent understanding of organizational administration. She provides indispensable support to the Director, facilitating effective decision-making and contributing to strategic planning. Her diligent administrative efforts have streamlined procedures and improved efficiency within the organization.

Arevik received her training from Cambridge, a globally recognized institution, which has equipped her with a solid foundation in customer service and administration. With over two years of experience in these areas, she has a practical understanding of the challenges and complexities of her roles and has consistently found innovative solutions to address them.

Her tenure at the Innovative Centre has lasted for over three years, during which she has proved to be an invaluable team member. Her work has had a profound impact on the administrative function of the Centre, leading to improved workflows and increased productivity. Beyond her administrative duties, Arevik has played an instrumental role in creating a positive work environment, motivating employees, and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence.

In summary, Arevik Kazaryants is a competent and dedicated professional, whose skills in customer service and administrative management have significantly contributed to the operational success of the organizations she has worked with. Her ability to balance customer-facing roles with internal management responsibilities is a testament to her adaptability and professional acumen.

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